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Believe in

November, 26th 2007 15:58


“According to Believe president and founder Denis Ladegaillerie, the first two days’ results are surprisingly good. Download traffic has been high, and average price paid was about €6.50 ($9.60). About 75% of customers paid for the downloads. Without revealing exact details, Ladegaillerie adds that a large number of customers paid between €7 and €8 ($11.87), to be able to take advantage of the bundle offer”

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Believe in ‘Playbill Arts’

November, 26th 2007 14:26


“Hendricks’s offer of Endless Pleasures, which features works by Handel and Purcell, for free is “a first for a classical music artist,” said Believe, her digital distributor. The recording is under Arte Verun, the label Hendricks founded last year to “ensure production and the best possible distribution of her works.”

By Kevin Shihoten
26 Nov 2007

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Barbara Hendricks lets her public fix the price of her latest album in partnership with Believe.

November, 15th 2007 09:07

The soprano Barbara Hendricks, one of the greatest voices of our time, with sales of 12 million albums throughout the world, is letting her public fix the price of her new album available as a high quality MP3 download on, her label’s website. This operation has been undertaken in partnership with Believe. In 2006, Barbara Hendricks announced the setting up of her own label, Arte Verum, in order to ensure the production and a better diffusion of the discs herself.

As an extension of this approach, and to broaden and democratise access to her music, Barbara Hendricks will be offering her public, from 21 November 2007, the possibility of downloading her new album with music-lovers themselves fixing the price they wish to pay.

Endless Pleasure will be available on the site in top quality MP3 format (320 kb/s) with the album cover and the booklet in pdf format.

On the occasion of this operation, Barbara Hendricks’s public will also be able to take advantage of a special offer on all the albums produced by Arte Verum:
– Her new album Endless Pleasure, her first solo disc of great baroque arias (Purcell and Handel), recorded with the Drottningholms Barockensemble in digipack format;
– Her two previous albums: Canciones Españolas (Spanish Songs) with the pianist Love Derwinger and Lieder by Robert Schumann with Roland Pöntinen also in digipack format;
– An exclusive CD bonus of hitherto unreleased recordings.

Every purchaser of the digipack CD will have the possibility of downloading the albums in digital format at no extra cost.

This operation, organised and carried out jointly by Believe and Arte Verum, is a first for a classical music artiste and for an artiste of the reputation of Barbara Hendricks.

Download the Pdf Version : press-release-barbara-hendricks.pdf