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Your new ‘Believe Backstage’ interface is now online: try it out!

November, 5th 2009 16:01

From today, Believe Digital personal interface is available, packed with new features and functions for you to test:

1/ Managing your releases

Our ‘Easy Entry’ system has been improved.

In one word; ‘Freedom’. You can now upload your albums in stages and stop the process, log off and restart it again from where you left off. When you log in, there will be an overview of all your incomplete or waiting albums, which will remind you, on the first page, which releases you still have to complete and the remaining steps to complete for each one before you can validate them. Once your release is validated, we will deliver it to all the distribution platforms within 48 hours and it will be available for purchase in 4 weeks or less (subject to any individual platform’s integration delays)

We have also added a new tab to the user area allowing you to follow, in real-time, which platforms have ingested your release, giving you a greater deal of reassurance and knowledge of your release.

2/ Promotion of your releases.


To help you improve your relationship with your fans, we have designed new players and promotional tools.

• MySpace Players

The MySpace Player ‘App’ has been released and is available to MySpace users through the ‘MySpace Applications’ library. The players feature direct links to your albums on the major digital services, and allow artists to click straight through to your Believe artist page. The application is the only one on the market which allows these functions.
See an example live here:

To install the applications, please read the tutorial available on the Believe Backstage area.

• Direct links:
Don’t want to mess with your MySpace design or the side bar of your blog? We have created direct links to your albums in addition to the Believe players so you can still direct your fans to buy your music without disrupting your sites.

3/ Your player statistics:


Knowing who is using your players and what they are doing can be incredibly useful; are your players well placed? What is the most popular song? Did the people who listened to one of your tracks go on to buy some music?
You can now track all of the above functions and more, on the new Believe Backstage area.

4/ Artist access.
Want your artists to access and edit their own players?
You can now give individual artists private access to a Believe Backstage area: they will be able to upload their album and have access to their players, without access to the things you don’t want them to see! You can create an account online and a login and a password will be automatically generated.

We are excited to be offering you this new interface after weeks of work and we hope ‘Backstage’ will meet all your needs!

We remain at your disposal and will gladly accept any suggestions, please send any suggestions to

Believe Players & Statistics

November, 5th 2009 13:23


An example of how player-statistics look

The Believe Player has two advantages: firstly, you can promote your work online with direct links to the major digital stores and secondly, you can collect information about your audience with statistical analysis of the data it collects.

Today, the main advantage of digital distribution is the ability to track the behaviour and habits of your listeners. Using simple figures your Believe Player can tell you all you need to know about your audience.

  • Graphically: Using a simple graphic interface, list your player(s) in order of number of unique views with the most viewed players at the top.
  • Unique Visitors: This statistic represents the number of different people who have viewed your player. Please be aware that this monitors each individual user, if one person views the player five times, this counts as one unique visitor.
  • Total Views: This is the total number of views of your player, inclusive of unique and return visitors, so if five people view your player but one of them views it five times, that would count as ten views.
  • Plays: This is this number of times your songs have been streamed through your Believe Player.
  • Clicks: This represents the number of direct sales generated from click’s through your Believe Player.

With these statistics you can easily analyse the impact of your players on your popularity and your sales and use the figures to adapt the way you use your players.

An example of a Believe player in action can be seen here.

Let us know how effective you have found the Believe Player when promoting your music.