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Improvements to BelieveConnect newsletter tool

March, 21st 2011 14:41

Those of you already using our BelieveConnect newsletter tool already know that it’s got multiple uses, such as:

? Importing contacts and contact databases
? Classifying, storing and creating categories to manage contacts database
? Gathering contacts’ demographic information
? Sending 100,000 free newsletters to contacts every month
? Newsletter templates or customisable newsletters

We’re pleased to let you know that the tool has recently evolved and now has added functionalities to suit producers’ needs.

Thanks to the “Newsletter Model”, producers can now send newsletters without having to rewrite them each time.

Newsletter models are simple to create. Simply turn an old newsletter that you’ve already created into a model and modify it (with images, text etc) to create a new one.

Believe Digital is constantly developing new systems to make your life easier… Stay tuned for updates.

Temporary System Shut Down

March, 14th 2011 16:56

Please note that Believe Digital will be temporarily shutting down all our services between 10 pm today, 14 March 2011 and 8 am tomorrow, 15 March 2011.

Please note that this means that none of our services, including BelieveBackstage, Believe Player, Believe Band etc will be available at this time.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

The Believe Digital Team.

OMP3 – Facilitating music sharing and offering potential piracy solutions

March, 4th 2011 16:17

Here’s a confession: we’re slightly obsessed with pirates.

Not in the old-fashioned, ‘let’s drink rum, keep a parrot, dress up and say “Aaargh” ’ kind of way, and not even in the ‘my language is set to Pirate English on Facebook’, more digital-age friendly kind of way.

We’re talking about the realisation that in order for the new music industry to survive, we must learn from pirates, hence our last two blogs: Piracy Inspired Lessons for Labels and Sales Ahoy!

This week, we’re taking things a step further with this interview from new music start-up OMP3’s CEO Lee Winterson and CTO Supriyo Roy.

OMP3, is a legal service using the YouTube API, which provides free software which enables varying levels of webmasters and bloggers to provide legal music downloads from stores. Although not one of their initial aims, OMP3’s business model has created a brilliant solution to the piracy problem by making monetisation with music possible to anyone.