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Video Marketing 101 for Labels – Part 1

August, 24th 2011 15:52

Exploring the awesome videos made by marketers to create lessons for record labels

Top 3 Viral Video Campaigns – Lessons for Labels

Viral videos – we’ve all seen them: they’re the ones that get Tweeted and Facebooked and Stumbled like crazy. They’re buzz worthy: most of them are funny, some emotional, and some are just car-crash epic (you know the ones you can’t help watching no matter how painful) a la Rebecca Black.

Quite a lot goes into making a video viral on YouTube, right from timing your upload to using the right meta-data, and of course great content.

This blog takes a look at the top three performing video marketing campaigns on the internet today based on performance and makes suggestions for labels looking to increase their online profile with videos.


According to Visible Measures, this week’s top three performing viral video ad campaigns are as follows:

Evian – Live Young

True Reach: 894,724

Why we think it works: 

In a word: babies.

Everyone loves them. It’s probably because they’re cute as heck, but babies and toddlers have massive amounts of sharing potential, think “Charlie Bit Me” or “Bob Marley Baby”, and you’d realise that kids don’t have to do much to be popular online – they just are.

How you can apply similar strategies as a label: (more…)

How to: Add the Believe Player to Facebook

August, 19th 2011 09:45

There’s been some changes to the way that you add the Believe Player to your Facebook page, so we’ve made you this step-by-step guide to working with the app, in light of recent changes. Don’t worry though, the new steps aren’t harder and there’s less than ten.


Feeding the Fan Machine

August, 18th 2011 10:25

Part 2: Identifying Valuable Video Content


Putting up good video content will win you fans and keep your current ones engaged. Putting up bad footage that is dull or shows the artist in an unfavourable light can do considerable damage.


In their last guest blog, Decibel Pictures focused on the importance of creating an active video presence, in continuation, they’re sharing their top tips for music video content.

When we watch videos we tend to draw conclusions about the protagonists: live video from an artist’s gig should give us insight into the type of venue they play, their performance (style and quality) and the type of crowd they attract. A backstage video, on the other hand, helps us feel closer to the artist – their nerves, their preparation, their excitement – it all becomes tangible to us with video. As our last post pointed out: It doesn’t take a genius to realise this can translate directly into ticket sales.


Feeding the Fan Machine

August, 16th 2011 12:59

Part 1: Why video content and YouTube are important



If you haven’t already clocked on to the fact the YouTube is one of your main routes of communicating with your fans, then you’re in trouble!


This month on Blogbelieve it’s all about video: first we introduced our YouTube service, then we provided advice on increasing YouTube video views– so, what’s next?


There are still many acts and labels, who either don’t realise that they’re sitting on a gold mine of video content, or haven’t the slightest clue about creating YouTube / video strategies, so we asked the good folks at Decibel Pictures, who specialise in creating factual video content for the music industry, to share their expertise with you by taking up a guest blog spot or two.

This is part 1, of Feeding the Fan Machine by Decibel Pictures:

It always amazes me when I meet someone in the industry who doesn’t get how phenomenally important video content can be to an artist’s career. I instinctively want to grab them by the scruff of the neck and shake them till they see sense.

In this day and age, if you don’t have a video presence, you’re invisible. And if you don’t have a well thought-out and implemented video strategy as part of your wider PR strategy then, at best, you’re missing a trick; at worst, you’re watching someone’s career go down the toilet.


New Signings Announcement

August, 2nd 2011 20:44

We’re pleased to announce the following two new signings:

  • AIR Records
  • One of the most established labels in Eastern Africa, AIR, used to act as the Majors’ interface in that region for years.

    Established in 1957, their market knowledge of the African music rights landscape is second to none.

    AIR collect and protect music from individual countries and support local artists. Their catalogue consists of several thousand musical recordings and spans many genres including Gospel, Classical, Rap, World and Reggae.

  • Kartel Creative
  • An artist management company, who look after a collective of record labels, Kartel Creative have been in the music business since 2003.

    Based in Hackney, London, Kartel employ a 360 degree approach to music management with a view to joining the dots between artist, management, label, agent, publicist & plugger, publisher, distributor, retailer and the fans.

Make the most of YouTube with Believe

August, 2nd 2011 18:03

In February, we announced that we’d inked a deal with YouTube to improve our label’s online experience, since then we’ve rolled out a new service to our labels and it’s high time we explained it to everyone.

Guide to Believe’s YouTube Services

Comprised of four levels of service, Believe’s YouTube service, helps labels by creating monetisation strategies and special marketing opportunities:

Level 1 – Audio Fingerprinting Delivery

This service tier, by far the most basic, gives labels and artists more control over their content on the YouTube system.

Believe delivers the catalogue to YouTube, allowing the automatic identification of all videos using the label in question’s content; from there Believe can clear up any ownership conflicts which might arise over content and monetise or remove any unauthorized content.


Zimbalam Artist to play International Stage at Sziget 2011

August, 2nd 2011 16:04

Winners of the 2010 Zimbalam Surface Unsigned Festival (now the Surface Unsigned Festival), Great Imitation, will be representing the UK on the International Stage at the 2011 Sziget Festival in Budapest, later this month.

UK Comedy Rap Group Great Imitation


Great Imitation, are a four piece from Leicestershire, with the unique goal of making rap middle class. Known for giving wild and energetic performances, the band entered last year’s Surface Unsigned Festival, with a view to getting more live performance experience. (more…)


August, 1st 2011 19:53

After a fair bit of encouragement [read heckling] from some pals, I booked Friday off and headed down to Global Gathering in Stratford-on-Avon last weekend… As far as ideas go, it was aces and squares!

Global kicked ass for many reasons:
1. Good music
2. Camping is fun
3. Costumes
4. The atmosphere was awesome
5. Last but not least, the English summer was in blatant existence