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Guest Blog :How Not to be Driven Mad by Social Networking

September, 23rd 2011 18:30

Lots of artists have asked us for advice on social media this year: when’s the best time to post? What social networks are essential? etc…  As we’re going to be concentrating on fan bases this month, we decided to take a look at the one topic that always reappears when it’s time to talk social media –  social media overload.

Chances are you’ve experienced it yourself, social media takes up lots of time, and what with their being a new hot social network or tool every other day [it seems sometimes], it’s easy to get lost in the social stream.

Jordan Reyne - Click here to visit her website


We’ve asked New Zealand artist Jordan Reyne for her perspective on striking the balance between being an artist and connecting with fans online. Jordan currently lives and performs in the UK, as well as regular performances in the virtual reality, Second LIfe, and other online platforms. She is currently writing a book on online performance for the Cyber PR firm Ariel Publicity. Jordan and Ariel (of Ariel Publicity) will be speaking about online promotion this Tuesday (27th September, 2011) at PRS.



Social glue, Cyber communities – and how not to be driven mad by social networking

A good friend once said to me “your fans are your life blood”. As full-time professional performer he was talking about more than just the fact that without fans (I prefer the word “listeners”), you don’t have a show. He was talking about the fact that, regardless of the setting, the relationship between music maker and  listener is a feedback loop. (more…)

Use Social Media to Connect with Fans

September, 21st 2011 18:30

We’re going fan-base crazy all month long on BlogBelieve!  That means we’ll be taking a close look at all our fan-base building tools, in addition to other considerations for fan communication.

Every musician and label needs fans

To kick things off, we decided to take a look at connecting with fans online, and in the process of our research, we found a super useful article, so we got permission from the good folks at Mashable to re-issue this article :

How Musicians are Using Social Media to Connect with Fans – A Mashable Article

Today’s musicians, both mainstream and indie, are using social media to connect with fans, build anticipation, and generate revenue in new and unique ways.

But how are these artists reaching their new fan bases online through social channels? Much like the business world, social media promotion for musicians is still a very new game, with no exact recipe for platinum success. (more…)

Winners Of The First Ever Artist and Manager Music Awards Announced

September, 17th 2011 11:52

The Featured Artist’s Coalition and Music Manager’s Forum launched a new awards ceremony, the Artist and Manager Awards, exclusively to celebrate UK artist and artist management success in music over the past 12 months.

The newly launched awards ceremony, the A&Ms, was a sell-out success, which took place in Camden on 13 September, 2011.

Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Co-Chair of the FAC, highlighted why the awards sets itself apart, by putting artists and managers at the forefront, “Artists are at the centre of our industry now more than ever and the A&M Awards will be a night remember and to celebrate all of their achievements. There are obvious synergies between the MMF and the FAC and our coming together acknowledges both the achievements and hard work of our members”.

A glittering evening at one of London’s great live venues, the Roundhouse, the first ever A&Ms featured performances from Mumford & Sons and Ed Sheeran. (more…)

New Signings Announcement – September 2011

September, 16th 2011 15:19

We’re pleased to announce that the following labels are among our newest signings:

New Hires – September 2011

September, 16th 2011 14:10

We’re pleased to announce two new appointments in our UK Office.

  • Craig Evans, formerly PPL’s repertoire services co-ordinator, has joined the team as label and acquisition manager. (more…)

Build your Fan-Base using the Believe Backstage

September, 14th 2011 10:45

In this age of niche markets, Twitter profiles, YouTube channels, and Facebook Fan pages communicating with a fan-base is now more direct and arguably, easier than before. This does not mean, however, that fans just appear from nowhere and you should think carefully about which tools you’ll be using for fan-base curation, as well as your communications plan, and database storage.

The Believe Backstage includes multiple tools to help you acquire and store fan information, and communicate with them. Here’s the rundown: (more…)

S.C.U.M Spotify Competition – Terms & Conditions

September, 5th 2011 12:19

Win signed copies of S.C.U.M’s debut album, Again Into Eyes.

Sign up to S.C.U.M’s Spotify playlist for the chance to win a signed copy of their debut album out September 12th!

Click here to listen to Sam Kilcoyne from S.C.U.M’s Spotify playlist

Terms & Conditions (more…)

Video Marketing 101 for Labels – Part 2

September, 1st 2011 17:25

4 Steps to Creating Effective Video Marketing Campaigns For Labels

Last week on BlogBelieve, we posted video marketing 101 (part 1), which took a look at the top 3 viral video advertising campaigns online, and what lessons labels could draw from them for their own video content strategies; this week we’re going to be looking at the four most important components of video marketing strategies for labels: from setting goals to video promotion.

  1. Setting Goals
  2. Your first step in creating a video marketing campaign is to identify your long, short and mid-term goals. Do you want to build your fan-base? Are you more interested in creating a community? Are you trying to push a particular artist?

    Whatever your goals, they define the rest of your campaign – so make sure to start by identifying all three types: long, short and mid-term.