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Believe Releases w/c 31/12/12

December, 31st 2012 11:00

Artist: Matrix & Futurebound
Release: Magnetic Eyes
Label: Metro / Viper Recordings
Genre: Dance – Breakbeat / Drum & Bass

Already on the 1Xtra B-list and MTV Dance playlist, ‘Magnetic Eyes’ has quickly gained heavy support in the clubs from Pendulum, amongst others,  along with high rotation on daytime and evening radio. Boasting a huge remix package including the Trap flavoured sounds of TC, an adrenalin fuelled Drum and Bass remix from Viper’s own Smooth, and a Breaks reworking by Pyramid, ‘Magnetic Eyes’ is set to make shock-waves across the entire bass music scene.




Artist: Marcin Czubala
Release: 75 Bucks EP
Label: Tsuba Records
Genre: Dance – House – Deep

Tsuba welcomes Marcin Czubala with a stunning three tracker of emotive and hook laden, bass heavy house . EP opener ’75 Bucks’ mixes the vibe of chicago with forward thinking bass heavy house to stunning effect. ‘Out For A False Alarm’ has an equally meaty bottom end matched with a classic arrangement and ‘Flor De Calabaza’ plots a trippier course with spooky keys and hypnotic piano.




Artist: Chico Mann
Release: Manifest Tone the Best of Volumes 1-3
Label: Soundway Records
Genre: Dance – Beats & Breaks / Electronica

With support from Giles Peterson, Laurent Garnier, Huey Morgan, Soundway Records presents the best of Chico Mann. The Manifest Tone journey began in 2004. During breaks from touring with Antibalas, Chico Mann began crafting a more personal sound in his basement studio. A hybrid beast of culture and tone where Fela Kuti and Willie Colon meets Stevie B, Lisa Lisa, Afrika Bambaata and Kraftwerk, it lives in a landscape shaped by Africa, Cuba, New York and Miami. This album represents the choicest cuts from Chico Mann’s ‘Manifest Tone’ Volumes 1-3.




Believe UK’s Top Albums Of 2012 – Staff Pick #19: Ben Rimmer

December, 21st 2012 11:00

Artist: Big Deal
Release: Lights Out
Label: Mute Artists
Release Date: January 2012

Picked by:
Ben Rimmer | Key Accounts Manager

“Returning to the start of 2012, the wave of boy-girl duos grew bigger as Big Deal broke through on both sides of the Atlantic with their debut album ‘Lights Out’ on Mute. In the ashes of KC Underwood’s noisier band projects he taught an eighteen-year old British girl to play grunge tracks. Whether the 29-year-old American Underwood and Alice Costelloe are a couple remains a mystery, but the intimacy of the lyrics and duets on these naïve yet knowing tracks, taking in subjects from homework to Kurt Cobain, is there as clear as a record this hazy and swooning allows. 

Recalling the Moldy Peaches in their cleaner moments and the likes of Tennis and Summer Camp, it’s the sleepy euphoria created by Underwood’s tar-filled vocals and grotty acoustic guitar mixing prettily with Costelloe’s sweet vocals and soaring, sometimes fuzzy, electric guitar that set Big Deal apart this year.” – Ben Rimmer

Lights Out, co-produced by Underwood and Dean Reid, emerged from its bedroom beginnings as a collection of 12 deeply personal songs with universal appeal, innately tapping into the innocence, insecurity, wonder and (sometimes unrequited) love and lust of relationships. These are songs which are structurally sparse yet emotively rich, sweet and seductive yet raw and jagged.



Believe UK’s Top Albums Of 2012


Believe UK’s Top Albums Of 2012 – Staff Pick #18: Gideon Mountford

December, 20th 2012 11:00

Artist: Harry Oakwood (Millionaire)
Release: Harry Oakwood (Millionaire) EP
Label: Old Money Records
Release Date: June 2012

Picked by:
Gideon Mountford | Head of Video UK

“If you’re into Creedence, The Band, Stones et al then Harry Oakwood (Millionaire) are going to be right up your street. With not a helicopter or shortbread in site, Harry Oakwood deliver track after track of classic sounding Rock N Roll. Could have been big in the 70’s,  Harry Oakwood are looking to breakthrough into the mainstream in 2013, which their music so deserves. Get on it!” – Gideon Mountford

Having recorded their first E.P earlier this year, the boys performed at LSO St Luke’s with one of Britain’s hottest new orchestras, The Aurora Orchestra, a show that was broadcast live on Radio 3. Requests came in from a host of radio shows; BBC Radio Merseyside legend Billy Butler and BBC London/Amazing Radios Gary Crowley to name but two DJ’s who have jumped on board the Good Ship Oakwood.

Not much is known about Harry himself. When probed on the subject the band reply in unison, “We are not at liberty to say”. They are more forthcoming about their influences though, citing The Band (first & foremost) along with Patrick Watson, Lowell George and Elliott Smith as inspiration.



Believe UK’s Top Albums Of 2012


Believe UK’s Top Albums Of 2012 – Staff Pick #17: Hannah Donovan

December, 19th 2012 10:30

Artist: Various Artists
Release: Sick Music 3
Label: Hospital Records
Release Date: November 2012

Picked by:
Hannah Donovan | New Media and Communications Manager

“The much loved Sick Music series consistently showcases new music right across the dnb spectrum including both new and established artists. The 3rd installment features some absolute bangers from High Contrast, Danny Byrd and Nu:Logic, with Lung and Bop representing little sister label Med School. Highlights for me come in the form of Fred V & Grafix ‘Major Happy’ and an incredible remix of Madeons’ ‘Finale’ from the musical genius that is Netsky” – Hannah Donovan

Sick Music 3 sees the revival of the highly successful compilation series with another slew of top-notch talent from across the spectrum. Expect to find tracks and remixes from artists as diverse as High Contrast, Raiden, Jonny L, Technimatic, Lung and Madeon across this 26-track compilation.




Believe UK’s Top Albums Of 2012


Google Play Best of 2012

December, 18th 2012 19:58

Three Believe artists are featured in Google Play‘s “Best of 2012” list, released today. All three records are currently available on Google Play for a reduced price.


Batida – self-titled (Soundway Records)




Screaming Females – Ugly  (Giovanni Records)



Ondatrópica – self-titled  (Soundway Records)


Believe UK’s Top Albums Of 2012 – Staff Pick #16: Panos Polimatidis

December, 18th 2012 10:45

Artist: Various Artists
Release: Seven Music the First Chapter
Label: Seven Music
Release Date:  January 2012

Picked by:
Panos Polimatidis | Client Relations

“Deep house vibes for both dance-floor and bedroom listening from a blend of upcoming and established artists. This compilation truly shows what Seven Music is all about; quality music free from constraints and trends. Keep an eye on them, more joy to come!” – Panos Polimatidis

Back in 2011, Ric McClelland & Sean Grieve launched Seven Music as an outlet for their own material. Since then, the label has grown dramatically. Not only have they released their own material as Scope, South West Seven and Sydney Young, but the label has become a home for a wealth of new talent such as Sumsuch, Chilf, Stephen Day, Replika and Giorgione Luceri.

Key players in the scene such as Audio Soul Project, Huxley, Russ Gabriel and Ethyl have also joined the Seven Music camp and helped the label continuously build. The label has accomplished a lot in a short space of time and this collection of tracks handpicked from the initial 10 releases showcases the consistence in quality from Seven Music.




Believe UK’s Top Albums Of 2012


Believe UK’s Top Albums Of 2012 – Staff Pick #15: Ian Pither

December, 17th 2012 14:18

Artist: Breton
Release: Other People’s Problems
Label: FatCat Records
Release Date:  March 2012

Picked by:
Ian Pither | Believe Recordings Label Manager

“From the chopped up strings – here courtesy of German composer Hauschka – on opening track ‘Pacemaker’ through to the skittering beats of album closer ‘The Commission’, the South London collective’s debut is a patchwork of field recordings, distorted sounds and the sort of pop hooks most bands would kill for. The filmmakers-turned-musicians have taken their collective influences and created what is arguably this year’s most interesting, if not electrifying record.” – Ian Pither

The London based four-piece, Breton, released their debut album ‘Other People’s Problems’ back in March. Primarily film-makers with cutting-edge video and sound design work under their belts, they’ve delivered innovative remixes for the likes of Local Natives, Tricky, Tom Vek and Temper Trap, as well as being award winners and regular fixtures at film festivals for their independent short films.

Predicted to be the “UK indie upstarts” of 2012 by Sound on Sound, Breton have had a fantastic year, proving this to be true with their stunning debut.




Believe UK’s Top Albums Of 2012


Believe Releases w/c 17/12/12

December, 17th 2012 12:36

Artist: Greymatter
Release: WOLFEP014
Label: Wolf Music Recordings
Genre: Dance – House – Deep

Next up on Wolf Music is an EP from the one and only Greymatter. Three tracks all with that Wolf Music feel and rounded off with a remix from James Welsh (Hypercolour). ‘Pick N Roll’ bumps hard, ‘Tisno’ delivers lush synth fills and a dreamy melody-line, ‘Sweat (James Welsh Remix)’ has a garage sound that will lift any floor, and ‘Tesla (Dub Refix) is a digital exclusive refix of the classic Greymatter track. The EP’s already received huge support from Radio 1, as well as the likes of Breach, Disclosure, Jack Fell Down, Jaymo & Andy George and many more.




Artist: Various Artists 
Release: Diablos del Ritmo 1960-1985: The Colombian Melting Pot
Label: Analog Africa
Genre: World

New double album from the great label Analog Africa, at the crossroads of Colombian & African sounds. Thousands of records were collected by passionnate founder Samy Ben Redjeb, boiling down to a colourfully diverse selection of 32 tracks here, split between Afrobeat, Afrofunk, Psychedelia-inspired rhythms on Part 1 and an array of danceable tropical rhythms on Part 2.




Believe UK’s Top Albums Of 2012 – Staff Pick #14: Victor Conradsson

December, 14th 2012 19:16

Artist: Various Artists
Release: Don’t Break My Love
Label: Clown and Sunset
Release Date: November 2012

Picked by:
Victor Conradsson | Senior Sales Manager

“It seems that house, after dubstep, is now inspiring the freshest new sounds – Jaar surely led the way with his first EPs two years ago. By drastically slowing down the tempo à la XX or J.Blake, by daring to use silence to create space, he embellishes everything he touches (check out his remixes of Nina Simone, James Blake, Missy Elliott, Ellen Allien).

It has to be heard by everyone, and can be liked by anyone (present for Granny?!). Coming in a special ‘Virtual Edition’ his latest release shows his modesty as he takes a step back into production duties for the first half of the compilation. The best tracks are by the end though, from Avalanche onwards: pure bliss you can lie down or dance to. La classe incarnée.” – Victor Conradsson

Originally released on the Prism in March 2012 – a physical cubed shaped player that housed the collection – Clown & Sunset now present their ‘virtual version’ of the release, a collection of lost memories from Nicolas Jarr’s label. Featuring tracks from Acid Pauli, Will Epstein, Just Friends and Nicolas Jarr himself, the compilation is a beautiful insight into the label and the delicate and stunning sounds it consistently delivers.



Believe UK’s Top Albums Of 2012


iTunes Best of 2012 // emusic Best Albums 2012

December, 14th 2012 17:58

As we near the end of the year, many ‘Best of 2012’ lists are now surfacing across the web. Two of particular interest came from emusic and iTunes, both released today, and both including a selection of Believe artists. Details below.

iTunes Best of 2012

iTunes US Best Electronic Song of 2012

Kidnap Kid – Vehl (Black Butter)

iTunes UK Dance Album of the Year

Various ArtistsModa Black Mixed by Jaymo & Andy George (Moda Black)


emusic Best Albums 2012 (Top 100)

Number 1: Cold Specks – I Predict a Graceful Expulsion (Mute)

“A state of destitution is the starting point for I Predict a Graceful Expulsion, Cold Specks’ stark, stunning debut and eMusic’s Best Album of 2012. It’s sung by a lost child, one who has moved from a place of great abundance to a place of great need. It is, by a good distance, the year’s richest and most rewarding record.” – emusic

Number 10: The Twilight Sad – No One Can Ever Know (FatCat Records)

Number 20: Public Service Broadcasting – The War Rooms EP (Test Card Recordings)

Number 51: Liars – WIXIW (Mute)

Number 54: Can – The Lost Tapes (Mute)

Number 73: PAWS – Cokefloat! (FatCat Records)

Number 76: Quantic and Alice Russell – Look Around the Corner (Tru Thoughts)

Number 89: Mala – Mala in Cuba (Brownswood)

Number 92: Carter Tutti Void – Transverse (Mute)