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Believe New Releases wc 27/04/2015

April, 27th 2015 11:55

nozeArtist: Noze 

Release:   Come with Us 
Label: Circus Company 
Genre: Dance 

Parisian duo Nôze return with their fifth album Come With Us, moving further into introspective song writing capped off with their unmistakable eccentric flair. Featuring guest vocalists Dani Siciliano and JAW, the LP moves between well-travelled blues and warm 70s electronics with a strong story-telling tradition at its heart. Nôze have also remixed the whole album as a nod to their dancefloor roots, creating a dubbed-out, beat heavy counterpoint to the refined musicianship of the main release.




club kuruArtist: Club Kuru 

Release: All The Days 
Label: Believe Recordings 
Genre: Hip Hop 

Bristol-born, London-based producer and songwriter Club Kuru emerged last year, enjoying an instantaneous wave of online support for the lush sounds and accomplished songwriting showcased on debut tracks ‘All The Days’ and ‘Seesaw’. He will release his anticipated debut ‘All The Days’ EP on 27th April through Believe Recordings on vinyl and digital download.

Club Kuru is the moniker of Laurie Erskine, a classically trained pianist who combines his expert songcraft and musicianship with progressive production skills mixing live elements alongside the electronic. The result is a fresh, sleek EP laden with emotive nostalgia.



quanticArtist: Quantic 

Release: Spark It 
Label: Tru Thoughts
Genre: World 

This effervescent dancehall-inflected cut “Spark It” sees Quantic’s production come together with the charismatic flow of reggae legend Shinehead. The two hooked up in LA when they both happened to be visiting the city, for a one-off recording session. “I’m a big fan, so it was an amazing opportunity”, says Holland; “The session was short, but he just nailed it. Every time the record button was on, he’d give a million different versions. He was really vibey, very easy to make records with.”

In addition to the original LP version there is an exclusive Quantic Dub of “Spark It” plus a pair of killer remixes from Ghost Writerz and Ed West. The digital single also features a bonus cut: “Painting Silhouettes (Todd Simon’s Painting Flugelhorns Edit)”, a horn-led reimagining by celebrated trumpeter and arranger Todd Simon, of Quantic’s last single.


kerri wattArtist: Kerri Watt 

Release: You 
Label: 25 Hour Convenience Store  
Genre: Pop 

Rising Scottish singer-songwriter Kerri Watt returns this April, with her new EP, ‘You’ – the follow up to last year’s acclaimed debut ‘Who’s Lovin’ Me Now?’

Out again on 25 Hour Convenience Store – the record label from The Libertines drummer Gary Powell, ‘You’ is a development on the Californian pop sound showcased on the first EP, with a step forward in terms of production and songwriting – it’s the sound of an artist finding her sound. “The songs work better together as a collection, and I think they demonstrate my sound in a more cohesive way,” says 22 year old Kerri.

Kicking off with the classic sounding lead single, ‘You’ Kerri delivers with building guitars, soulful vocals and an anthemic chorus in which she confidently declares she’s not turning back – “It’s about my weakness for creative types” confides Kerri. “The passion that comes with two creative people, but also the frustrations of feeling like just temporary entertainment. It’s about breaking free from that.” Next is the rock-driven ‘Got My Heart’ about falling for someone hard, whilst there’s also the addictive ‘Paris’, a live favourite from her recent Nina Nesbitt support tour, about romance on the road, and the summer soaked ‘Maybe’ – closing the EP.


Believe Event Calendar | May – June 2015

April, 24th 2015 13:23

It’s a busy season coming up, with many festivals and industry conferences to get excited about. This year, Believe is the proud sponsor of Brighton Music Conference, the leading annual electronic music conference in the UK and Rockcomm, the inaugural UK based international rock music conference. You’ll find our team at many other industry events as well. Here is where to look out for us: (more…)

Emicidia’s Fourth European Tour

April, 23rd 2015 09:46


Emicida is one of the biggest revelations of underground hip-hop in Brazil. He is considered one of the best masters of ceremonies over the last year and was the first Brazilian rapper to perform at Coachella, arguably one of the biggest festivals in the world.

Well-known for his impromptu rhymes, that made him one of the most respected MCs in his country, he puts Brazilian hip-hop on the world map as well as raising hot topics such as poverty, wealth and social progress in his music.

Check out his last work Bonjour with Féfé, where rhymes in Portuguese and French are mixed. The track is a universal shout-out to the disenfranchised on both sides of the Atlantic, watch below.

Emicida has just returned from Africa where he recorded his much awaited upcoming album, and has just emabrked on his European tour  – dates below:

23.04 Lisboa/Armazem

24.04 London/La Linea @ Rich Mix

27.04 Bourges/Les Printemps

29.04 Nantes/Stereolux (feat Féfé)

30.04 Mühlheim/Funkhaus Party

01.05 Geneva/Switzerland

02.05 Berlin/Gretchen

06.05 Paris/La Bellevilloise (feat Féfé)

To check out more about Emicidia, visit his Facebook page here. Follow him on Twitter here, and check out his YouTube page here.

Believe New Releases wc 20/04/2015

April, 20th 2015 16:06

speedyArtist: Speedy Ortiz 

Release: Foil Deer  
Label: Carpark 
Genre: Alternative

Speedy Ortiz said they would get the flowers themselves. What a lark! What a plunge!

When considering Massachusetts’ Speedy Ortiz, that line from Virginia Woolf comes to mind. Not only for the obvious echoes to DIY, a form and function that’s characterized the band’s nascency, but in the proto-feminist undertones driving much of their sophomore album, Foil Deer. “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss,” Sadie Dupuis sings on “Raising the Skate,” invoking in spirit one half of the Carter-Knowles clan and echoing the other’s wordplay. And wordplay makes sense, considering Dupuis-the band’s songwriter, guitarist, and frontwoman-spent the band’s first few years teaching writing at UMass Amherst. She’s drawn to the dense complexity of Pynchon, the dreamlike geometry of Bolaño, the confounded yearning of Plath-all attributes you could easily apply to the band’s 2013 debut Major Arcana, which fans and press alike have invested with a sense of purpose and merit uncommon in contemporary guitar rock.

The group, including Mike Falcone on drums, Darl Ferm on bass, and new addition Devin McKnight of Grass is Green on guitar, have spent the last year on an almost endless cross-continental touring jag, tagging along with the likes of The Breeders, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, and Thurston Moore. That shift into full-time musicianship brought with it an attendant reordering of priorities when it came to songwriting, and the band members’ lives in general. They would get the damn flowers themselves.

Dupuis wrote much of Foil Deer at her mother’s home in the Connecticut woods, where the songwriter imposed a self-regulated exile and physical cleansing of sorts, finding that many of the songs came to her while running or swimming alone. “I gave up wasting mental energy on people who didn’t have my back,” she says. “Listening to our old records, I get the sense I was putting myself in horrible situations just to write sad songs. This music isn’t coming from a dark place, and without slipping into self-empowerment jargon, it feels stronger.” Many of the songs deal with a similar sense of starting over, editing out the unnecessary drama. “Boys be sensitive and girls be, be aggressive,” she sings on “Mister Difficult.”

And while their debut album was recorded on the fly, Speedy Ortiz spent almost a month in the studio on Foil Deer. Falcone’s drums are taut, mechanistic; Ferm’s bass ranges from the aggressive rattle of an AmRep classic to smoother, hip-hop inspired lines. McKnight, meanwhile, lends spacier, textural riffs to complement Dupuis’ wiry, melody-driven guitar style. “The demos for our songs have always had tons of small details and production experimentation, but we never had any money to pay for more than a couple days in the studio, so the songs came out very live-sounding and guitar heavy,” Dupuis says. It was recorded and mixed at Brooklyn’s Rare Book Room with Nicolas Vernhes (Silver Jews, Enon, Deerhunter), with the record mastered by Emily Lazar (Sia, Haim, Beauty Pill), lending a more polished sound and a pop sensibility that will stand out to existing fans and new converts alike. For all the lyrical complexity and guitar-based excursions Speedy Ortiz have built their reputation on to this point, Foil Deer has a sense of light-footed fun. What’s the point of doing things yourself if you’re not going to enjoy the trip?


mysteroArtist: Mystero 
Release: Mystrogen
Label: Don’t Bizznizz
Genre: Hip Hop 

Following on from the success and much talked about reception of the highly anticipated debut LP ‘MYSTROGEN’ from one of UK’s most prolific entertainers amongst the Hip-Hop elite, Mystro aka MysDiggi returns with the ‘MYSTROGEN DELUXE’ LP a bumper-pack filled with more of his unquestionable creativity. The charisma and unmatched wit continues to churn out of 1 of UK’s finest as we start off this remastered version of the LP with the ‘WHAT TYPE OF DRUG IS MYSTROGEN?’ EP




chickenArtist: Hallelujah Chicken Run Band 
Release: Take One 
Label: Analog Africa 
Genre: World 

The Hallelujah Chicken Run Band was one of the seminal bands that formed the explosive Zimbabwean music scene in the 1970s and one of the first acts to develop the staccato style of guitar playing for which Zimbabwe is known today. Upbeat, vibrant and catchy, as well as beautiful and emotional, their music can now be explored on this compilation.

‘Take One’ presents HCR’s biggest hits (including a series of singles for which the band received eight gold records in 1974), as well as rare songs, all recorded between 1974 and 1979, compiled from vinyl records and the original master tapes found in Zimbabwe, all painstakingly remastered.

During HCR’s most active years Rhodesia, as Zimbabwe was called then, was between its British colonial past and full independence. HCR was one of the first modern groups to sing in the Shona language – which most of the White minority government could not understand – this in itself was a major act of liberation and protest against the Rhodesian government. Alongside the occasional love song the compilation, political songs and songs of liberation prevail.

The collection features a handful of appearances by Thomas Mapfumo, one of Zimbabwe’s biggest and most influential artists, on drums and vocals. Whilst playing with HCR Mapfumo began to explore the traditional music of his Shona people and adapted this to modern rock instrumentation, transcribing the scale of the mbira (or thumb piano) to electric guitar with HCR guitarist Joshua Hlomayi Dube.

In the 70s many home-grown African pop bands were funded by their respective culture ministries; HCR though was funded by the white owners of the Mangura Copper Mine. The owners believed that the mine workers, many of them from neighbouring Malawi, would benefit from some musical entertainment after long shifts. Trumpet player Daram Karanga was hired in 1974 to assemble the group. Two members of the group at the time found day jobs working at a local chicken farm (chicken run). Upon hearing this, the mine’s boss shouted ‘Hallelujah!’ – and then proceeded to christen the band with the name Hallelujah Chicken Run Band.

When the group first started performing at the mine they played a lot of rumba, cha cha cha and soul covers. Whilst the white management liked this, it didn’t prove popular with the mine workers. Instead it was the traditional ‘Zim style’ songs made them go crazy and this was the direction they then went into. The band’s popularity quickly grew, and they were asked to perform at many different events throughout the country. In 1974, HCR won the first national music contest held in Harare for the Teal company. There they were also discovered by legendary producer Crispen Matema with whom they later recorded a well-known studio session, from which many of the tracks on this collection are drawn.


vibeArtist: DistantStarr 
Release: Vibe 
Label: My First Moth 
Genre: Hip Hop 

Donnell Jones aka DistantStarr is an artist who knows a thing or two about paying dues. Having spent the last 5 or so years recording countless collaborations with the likes of Fulgeance, DJ Scientist, Hudson Mohawke, Redefinition and Mike Slott to name a select few, he is only just releasing his debut long-player. Simply entitled “Vibe”, the album is a collection of new unheard tracks, mixed with a few hard-to-find colabs from the last few years, featuring Blu, Kissey Asplund and many more!



Championing Independent Artist Success, TuneCore Combines Forces With Believe Digital

April, 16th 2015 14:15


New Strategic Relationship provides Artists Worldwide with Full Spectrum of Global Services and Powerful Alternative to Major Labels.

New York, NY (April 16th, 2015) – Today, TuneCore, the powerhouse digital music distribution and music publishing administration company which has earned Independent Artists over $504 million to date, announced it will be joining with independent label services company, Believe Digital. Believe Digital is the leading fully independent digital distributor and services provider for artists & labels worldwide, with offices in 29 countries and a staff of over 250 music industry and digital marketing experts.

The strategic partnership with Believe Digital will provide TuneCore Artists with an opportunity to tap into Believe Digital’s comprehensive global services, providing a truly modern, DIY record label experience with ground support across the globe. Artists will have access to a wider digital distribution network, with more tools and services to empower them to succeed, whilst increasing the opportunities to get more music heard by more people in more locations.

Encompassing the same core values, the two companies will continue to provide artists with high quality products and growth opportunities, while musicians continue to maintain control and ownership of their work. The two companies will retain their own operations and staffing.

“TuneCore’s number one objective is to empower independent artists to succeed,” said Scott Ackerman, TuneCore CEO. “This new strategic relationship provides the most powerful solution for independent artists worldwide to reach fans, sell music, increase revenue and advance their career. We’re excited to deliver this new layer of opportunity while continuing to give artists the full control to decide their individual paths to success.”

“The success of TuneCore, its deep commitment to independent artists, and the natural synergy between our services for artists, make this partnership a powerful force to propel artists’ growth,” said Denis Ladegaillerie, Believe Digital Founder and President. “There is a tremendous opportunity for TuneCore & Believe to champion independent artists and their entrepreneurship, and together our focus will be to provide the best comprehensive services to a wider range of musicians around the world.”

TuneCore & Believe Digital Services

  • TuneCore and Believe Digital worldwide distribution with promotional opportunities across iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other key digital partners.
  • TuneCore worldwide revenue collection. Artists keep 100% of sales revenue and rights.
  • TuneCore worldwide royalty collection with Music Publishing Administration. TuneCore will continue to register, license and pitch content in over 60 countries.
  • TuneCore & Believe global support with offices in key markets worldwide.
  • Believe Digital’s experienced team of music industry specialists, including label mangers, digital marketing experts and video channel managers will continue to provide top quality label services to meet artists’ needs.
  • Artist services and products to meet the needs of musician-entrepreneurs.
  • Detailed reporting and knowledgeable customer service to help you manage and grow your business.

An open letter to the TuneCore community from TuneCore CEO Scott Ackerman describing this partnership can be found here.

Believe Digital Networking Event at the Brighton Music Conference 2015

April, 15th 2015 15:53

Believe Digital invites you to join us for some food and drink after a long day’s graft at Brighton Music Conference, with musical treats from a fine selection of acts taking to the decks and a specially brought in Funktion-One sound system. DJs playing include Murder He Wrote, Leigh Morgan, Lucatwana, Billson & Noah Hope, with others TBC. Head down to Brighton’s Neighbourhood on Friday June 5th from 5pm to late and have a drink with the Believe team.

We look forward to seeing many of you come and enjoy some booze, beats and bites on us! All information about the event below and on our Facebook event.

We’re also hosting a Charity Golf Day on Thursday 4th in association with Last Night A DJ Saved My Life – click here for details.





Believe New Releases wc 13/04/2015

April, 13th 2015 16:12

bop english 2Artist: Bop English 

Release: Constant Bop 
Label: Blood and Biscuits 
Genre: Alternative

Bop English, the recording name of White Denim frontman James Petralli, has announced a debut record titled Constant Bop that will be released 13 April via Blood and Biscuits. In the making for over four years, Constant Bop is a widely collaborative project which features production from Jim Vollentine, 5th Street Studio’s Ryan Joseph and Nick Joswick, as well as Matt Oliver of Big Orange Studios and the band TV Torso. Constant Bop is the result of years of persistence and determination, having been created in the same period of time that it took Petralli to finish two White Denim records. It is an album born of real studio magic; dozens of musicians contribute to its ten tracks including White Denim’s drummer Josh Block, guitarist Austin Jenkins and bass player Steve Terebecki, as well as former Shearwater bassist Kevin Schneider.

small amazon


moriatry 2Artist: Moriarty 

Release: Epitaph 
Label: Air Rytmo 
Genre: Alternative 

Moriarty’s fourth album starts where “The Missing Room” ended: at the threshold of another world – the realm of spirits, ghosts and wandering souls.
It is not -however- an album about death, but rather a journey through a land KNOWN AS THE “Underworld”, OR THE “Afterworld”.

In 2014, after a few years of touring, we opened our archives, our suitcases AND NOTEBOOKS filled with unfinished fragments, forgotten instrumentals and obscure lyrics. We found old tracks recorded on tapes (and dictaphones), captured in the backstage of theaters, hotels and remote hideouts. Songs we had once improvised, then lost and forgotten (“G.I. Jesus”, “Reverse/Anger”, “Long Is The Night”…). Stories of love and loss we had written and recorded in the attic of a farmhouse (“milena”, “maybe a little lie”…)
Riding bicycles through the summer rain in Kyoto, we sung aloud the story of a fallen man (“Ginger Joe”)… a few years later we recorded a first version of the song with the sorcerers of cajun, Mama Rosin. There was, also, a radio drama inspired by Bulgakov’s “Master & Margarita”, for which we wrote songs about demons, witches and dissidents (“Long Live The (D)evil”, “When I Ride”, “Across From My Windows”, “Fire Fire”…) back in our hometown, we settled down and let a few stories emerge in the cold December light, songs about fate, friendship and hidden secrets (“Diamonds Never Die”, “History of violence”)…

Then, following our habit, we embarked on a tour of small venues and acoustic shows through France, Quebec and Switzerland, letting the songs grow and mature on stage for a few months in front of an audience, before recording them with Renaud Letang, who produced and mixed most of the tracks at the studio Ferber in Paris. Once more, we were struck by the recurring themes that kept haunting us, somehow linking all the songs together: the passage of time and life, the invisible dance between the living and the dead, between humans and ghosts, the intertwining of our world with the afterworld. In the end, we cannot but make fun of our own un-controlled tendency to write funeral songs, turning music into a totentanz, a tragi-comical dance of skeletons, a “memento mori”. So we decided to name this album “Epitaph”, to poke fun at the grim reaper himself, to make believe that one can dance with him.


jonny faithArtist: Jonny Faith 

Release: Neon 
Label: Tru Thoughts 
Genre: Dance 

“A kaleidoscopic delight” – DJ MAG
“Buoyant yet adventurous, subtle yet not without directness” – CLASH
“This guy’s music is rooted in hip-hop but oozes cosmic sensibility” –

“Neon” is the second single from Jonny Faith’s debut album, ‘Sundial’. As well as the luminous lead track, this package also boasts some stunning new music, with “Firefly (Clap! Clap! Remix)” and the previously unreleased “Revolve”.

Released on Tru Thoughts in February, the ‘Sundial’ album announced Australia-based Scot Jonny Faith as a serious new talent in the sphere of electronic production with a sparkling, hip hop-rooted style that inspired comparisons to Flying Lotus, The Avalanches and Bonobo (whom he has been booked to support live in Japan).

“Neon” finds Faith exploring 80bpm fast/slow footwork territory, with pitch-shifted, rhythmic and abstract vocals that shine colourful and bright; this immersive yet propulsive track showcases the deft touch that has brought widespread support for the LP.

Continuing the theme of light, the chopped up, overlapping kalimba sounds on “Firefly” evoke images of fireflies darting around each other, creating a heady glow that proves the perfect playground for Clap! Clap! to work his magic with a remix. Carrying on deeper into footwork/juke turf, he also infuses the track with the African sounds that he has become known for exploring; indulging his penchant for short, sweet and intense sonic nuggets (as showcased on his acclaimed ‘Tayi Bebba’ LP on Black Acre) his remix sees the cloud of fireflies thickening into a frantic, shimmering flash.

“Revolve” brings together an array of field recordings – including a London police radio, a bus in Zagreb and cicadas in New York – into strangely frenetic yet hypnotic future beats track. It was created as part of an initiative organised by CDR Projects (the international producers’ movement in which Faith is involved, with peers including Mark Pritchard, in the Australian branch) and Dimensions Festival. The challenge was to make an original song using field recordings contributed by a global community, and “Revolve” will appear on a forthcoming compilation of the top creations.


pierreArtist: Pierre Pienaar 

Release: Far Away 
Label: Vandit Records 
Genre: Dance 

Pierre Pienaar is one of the latest additions to the ever-growing VANDIT family. ‘Far Away’ impresses with energetic strings and an anthemic Trance sound that will tear the roof off at your next party!



Believe New Releases wc 06/04/2015

April, 7th 2015 12:33

Manu Delago-True ThoughtsArtist: Manu Delago

Release: Silver Kobalt
Label: Tru Thoughts
Genre: Alternative – Electronic 

In between work for Björk, The Cinematic Orchestra and Anoushka Shankar, the prodigious Hang player and percussionist Manu Delago has inked a deal with Tru Thoughts to release his own new album, ‘Silver Kobalt’. The ambitious LP, which draws lines from pop to the avant-garde, is out this week, followed by a large-scale European tour.

Aged just 30, Manu Delago is the world’s leading Hang player (with 5 million YouTube views for his DIY performance video “Mono Desire”) and possesses equally virtuosic skills as a percussionist and drummer alongside ever maturing instincts as a songwriter and producer. The accessible yet startlingly original sound of ‘Silver Kobalt’ draws on the experience and ideas built up by the London based Austrian native across a high-flying and diverse career to date. From overachieving teenaged rock bands, through extensive classical training; from his exploits at the cutting edge of art pop as the lynchpin of Björk’s band, to a London Symphony Orchestra commission which saw him playfully subverting their expectations; this endlessly curious artist has been honing his own style rich in melody, wit and invention.

The title, ‘Silver Kobalt’, plays on the strangely linked themes of magnets, goblins and human behaviour. Throwing a pair of small magnets in the air one day, Delago recorded their frantic, thrumming sound for the track “Plus Minus”; he also experimented with the detuning effect of a magnet on the Hang. Magnet fascination deepening, he read that some rare elements are permanently magnetised, of which one is cobalt. Then, up popped the pleasing story that cobalt was actually named after the German word for ‘goblin’ (‘kobold’) by hapless silver miners who suspected little kobolds had taken all the silver and left them with this substance. Further reading revealed also that all humans contain cobalt which we need to survive. “I really enjoyed this string of information”, he says. “As well as this fun idea of little goblins within us, it really struck a chord because I had been thinking a lot about attraction and repulsion – what makes people magnetically drawn to some things, away from others – and that is a strong theme in the music. ‘Silver Kobalt’ tied it all together.”

small amazon


Brawlers-Alcopop!Artist: Brawlers
Release: Romantic Errors of Our Youth
Label: Alcopop!
Genre: Alternative – Punk

Brawlers emerged at the beginning of 2014 (ex Dinosaur Pile Up // Castrovalva) as Leed’s greatest kept secret, and were instantly picked up as debut single Instagram Famous caught the ears of Zane Lowe, Huw Stepehns, John Kennedy, Kerrang and Rocksound (amongst many others), generating stacks of plays in the first couple of weeks – leading to a rapturous response to their debut EP ‘I Am a Worthless Piece of Shit’.

A huge festival summer followed, seeing them christened as ‘hands down the best new band in Britain’ and the support continued, as free single Two Minutes generated record downloads in the first week, and their live stock continued to rise. Exhausted and broken from continuous touring they took a month out to regroup over Christmas, bringing in new drummer Pert – before unleashing the first cut of their debut album ‘Drink & Dial’ to an expectant public in January 2015.

‘Brawlers aren’t dead’ was the rallying cry, and by god – were they right. D&D was premiered via DIY Magazine generating an instant buzz, Kerrang declaring them one of the hottest 20 bands in the world, with XFM, Kerrang and Amazing radio playlisting the single – alongside a stack of plays from Huw and Zane on Radio 1.

This is the sound of Summer 2015.


Party Fine-jean ToniqueArtist: Jean Tonique

Release: You
Label: PartyFine
Genre: Dance – Electro

Already drawing comparisons to artists like Kaytranada and Pomo, French producer and multi-instrumentalist Jean Tonique gets set to become one of the most hyped artists this year with the release of his second EP through Yuksek’s Partyfine label.. Drawing influences from 70s funk, Jean Tonique makes an effort to distance himself from genre-defining elements while approaching his music from an organic and raw songwriting perspective. Using elements from hip hop, house, and 70s/80s funk, the multifaceted producer likes to draw people in with the malleable dynamics of his music. After remixes of Lana Del Rey, Outkast, The Kooks and many more, Jean Tonique has broken into the online market through being a regular fixture on Hype Machine’s Top 10 and growing recognition from media outlets. Now, growing on his French electronic music notoriety, Jean Tonique is preparing to expand his presence with the release of the You EP – bringing that old school, happy vibe that made us fall in love with funky house.


Look Out Machines-Artist: Duke Special

Release: Look Out Machines!
Label: Stranger Records
Genre: Alternative

Duke Special releases his brand new studio album ‘Look Out Machines!’ via Stranger Records. ‘Look Out Machines!’ sees the Ulster born singer songwriter impresario exploring new musical ground with collaborators including Iain Archer, Phil Wilkinson and Gary Clark and heralds the return of an artist back at the very top of his game. Lead track ‘Nail On The Head’ is a superbly crafted song that balances swells of strings and synths with Duke’s trademark elegant piano playing and lyrical wisdom. Those who know Duke Special for the platinum album ‘Songs From The Deep Forest’, and the hit song ‘Freewheel’, may be surprised by the cultural breadth of his work. It’s a grand gesture of a record that displays a rare and timeless quality and speaks with a refined eloquence.