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New Tech: YouTube Conflict Tool for Believe Backstage

July, 17th 2013 11:49

Believe Digital StudiosThe new YouTube conflict tool in Believe Backstage is a revolutionary tool that allows our clients to be able to control any disputed conflict they may have.

This transparency allows Believe’s clients to quickly and efficiently clean up any conflict which may arise. Conflicts on YouTube need to be eradicated as soon as possible in-order to maximise the revenue potential. The tool was developed by Believe’s in-house tech development team.

Please contact your Video Manager for more information.

Monetise all of your video content with Believe Digital

August, 24th 2012 17:49

Thanks to our unique expertise in distribution, monetization and marketing of music videos, we are pleased to announce the option of monetizing all video content. With the extension of our agreement with YouTube, Believe Digital has become the only European partner to provide centralized management of video content.

Producers of sport videos, comedy, health etc are now able to use Believe Backstage interface to monetise and distribute all of their videos thanks to the change of our technology, distribution system and reporting.


What you need to do:

  1. Contact to define the best strategy to distribute your content
  2. Connect to your Believe Backstage interface and choose the option ‘Video Entertainment’
  3. Upload your video!


Please note that if you already have a music channel, then some adjustments has to be made to monetise ‘video entertainment’. Make sure you speak to before uploading content!


Team Believe Video

2 New Updates To The Believe Digital Video Service

August, 14th 2012 17:44

We have recently launched our new video service. The service allows you to upload a video through Believe Backstage, which then populates your YouTube channel and other video streaming sites.

The new video distribution service is much more than a technical service for distribution; we have created the service around 3 main ideas:


1:     A centralized distribution system and monetization program with the main streaming video services. You upload your video once, and we distribute the video to all relevant platforms.

– We will distribute your music videos to YouTube, Dailymotion, Jukebo and (Other platforms will be added throughout the year).

-Use our Easy Entry system to upload your video, chose the release date and countries in which you have exploitation rights and we will monetize and distribute the videos to the sites.

-In order to maximize revenue for your uploads, we have recently negotiated the best advertising rates with the video streaming platforms.


In-order to set you up with the service we are going to need to know your YouTube channel URL. Please contact with this information.

To use the video distribution system, go to the Believe Backstage interface and select create a release, and then select Video Web release.


2:     A team dedicated to highlighting your content and monetizing your videos.

In order to make the most of your videos, we have a dedicated YouTube team who:

– Offer strategic advice for your videos

– Help you control illegal copies of your content

– Offer you strategic insight for your videos’ SEO

Our YouTube team is able to see the information you have inputted for the videos description and tags before your videos go live using our video service. We are able to edit this information to increase the SEO of the videos before they are made public.


3:       A media strategy to enhance your content:

Our knowledge of video services has brought us to build thematic channels in order to prepare for tomorrow’s TV. Thanks to our music channels, you’ll find distribution channels for your video and audio content.

We have created a system that automatically creates videos from your audio tracks, which will enable you to create videos for any track from your catalogue. Once the videos are created they are sent to one of our thematic channels.


The benefits of the video creation tool are:

– You generate revenue from the video uploads. (The same rate as you would with video uploads on your channel).

– You benefit from the marketing of the channel. We will drive viewers to the channel with digital and social marketing strategies, which will result in increased views to your videos.

– You will see increased views on your channel, as we will group the video uploads as playlists on your channel.


In order for us to start creating videos for you, all you have to do is send us an email giving your authorization.

If you require any further information or require a Skype demo of the new distribution system please contact:



Two New Updates To The Believe Digital Video Service.

July, 23rd 2012 15:59

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce two new updates to the Believe Digital video services. The updates cover royalties reporting and the release date tool.


Royalties reporting:

To give more visibility and more accurate analysis of YouTube reporting, we now divide the royalties generated by official content (uploaded to our partners or thematic channels), and royalties generated by audio fingerprints (User uploaded content).

To access the royalties generated by official content, go to “Royalty Overview” and choose the service “YouTube Official Content”.

To access the royalties generated by audio fingerprinting, go to “Royalty Overview” and choose the service “YouTube Audio Fingerprint”.

This update will be available from 1st August 2012.


Release Date Tool:

The second update is that we now offer the opportunity for our labels using our video service to choose the exact time of their video uploads appearing on YouTube.

Simply click on the Release Date tab, click on calendar, choose the day, then hour and minutes.

If you do not choose a specific time, the default option will be 00.00.

Until the video is released, the video will be set as “private” on the YouTube channel and you will be able to modify your video settings in the “Video Manage tab” through the YouTube channel.


For any further information, please contact


Notice: Believe Facebook Player Temporarily Unavailable

October, 11th 2011 12:14

You may have noticed that the Believe player is currently not working on your Facebook page.

This is due to technical issues which have arisen in light of Facebook’s recent changes. Some common issues being reported are:

  1. You are unable to make changes to already installed Facebook players.
  2. The sharing functionality of the Facebook player isn’t working.
  3. You are now unable to add new Players to pages on Facebook.

We’re very sorry about any inconvenience caused, and assure you that we’re working to resolve the issue.

Please note that in lieu of the functioning Facebook Player, we encourage you to share your BelieveBand page with fans and friends, as you are still able to control the player which is being displayed there.

Thanks in advance for your patience,

Believe UK Office

Build your Fan-Base using the Believe Backstage

September, 14th 2011 10:45

In this age of niche markets, Twitter profiles, YouTube channels, and Facebook Fan pages communicating with a fan-base is now more direct and arguably, easier than before. This does not mean, however, that fans just appear from nowhere and you should think carefully about which tools you’ll be using for fan-base curation, as well as your communications plan, and database storage.

The Believe Backstage includes multiple tools to help you acquire and store fan information, and communicate with them. Here’s the rundown: (more…)

How to: Add the Believe Player to Facebook

August, 19th 2011 09:45

There’s been some changes to the way that you add the Believe Player to your Facebook page, so we’ve made you this step-by-step guide to working with the app, in light of recent changes. Don’t worry though, the new steps aren’t harder and there’s less than ten.


Make the most of YouTube with Believe

August, 2nd 2011 18:03

In February, we announced that we’d inked a deal with YouTube to improve our label’s online experience, since then we’ve rolled out a new service to our labels and it’s high time we explained it to everyone.

Guide to Believe’s YouTube Services

Comprised of four levels of service, Believe’s YouTube service, helps labels by creating monetisation strategies and special marketing opportunities:

Level 1 – Audio Fingerprinting Delivery

This service tier, by far the most basic, gives labels and artists more control over their content on the YouTube system.

Believe delivers the catalogue to YouTube, allowing the automatic identification of all videos using the label in question’s content; from there Believe can clear up any ownership conflicts which might arise over content and monetise or remove any unauthorized content.


Artists, labels : Build your fanbase with the Email Grabber

April, 13th 2011 15:05

Believe Digital has developed the Email Grabber tool for you, a widget that collect emails in order to help you develop your fan base and improve your Contacts Database.

Fully customizable and free, the Email Grabber, fits on every Website or blog easily. Not only that, but we allow you to create as many Email Grabber widgets as your heart desires, so that you’ve got one for all your needs.

How to create an Email Grabber

Connect to your BelieveBackstage, and select Email Grabber, found in the BelieveConnect section.

Choose an artist or a label from your catalogue: You can create an Email Grabber for individual artists or for your entire record label.


Improvements to BelieveConnect newsletter tool

March, 21st 2011 14:41

Those of you already using our BelieveConnect newsletter tool already know that it’s got multiple uses, such as:

? Importing contacts and contact databases
? Classifying, storing and creating categories to manage contacts database
? Gathering contacts’ demographic information
? Sending 100,000 free newsletters to contacts every month
? Newsletter templates or customisable newsletters

We’re pleased to let you know that the tool has recently evolved and now has added functionalities to suit producers’ needs.

Thanks to the “Newsletter Model”, producers can now send newsletters without having to rewrite them each time.

Newsletter models are simple to create. Simply turn an old newsletter that you’ve already created into a model and modify it (with images, text etc) to create a new one.

Believe Digital is constantly developing new systems to make your life easier… Stay tuned for updates.