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Stephen King, UK and USA MD, in this weeks Music Week Magazine

July, 13th 2012 18:28

Check out this weeks Music Week magazine for a ‘Need to Know’ post on Stephen King, Managing Director of Believe Digital UK & USA / SVP A&R International.

New Signings Announcement – September 2011

September, 16th 2011 15:19

We’re pleased to announce that the following labels are among our newest signings:

New Hires – September 2011

September, 16th 2011 14:10

We’re pleased to announce two new appointments in our UK Office.

  • Craig Evans, formerly PPL’s repertoire services co-ordinator, has joined the team as label and acquisition manager. (more…)

New hires and promotions announcement – July 2011

July, 4th 2011 18:27

We’ve been shuffling and tweaking our service recently and we’ve got the following new roles to announce:

  • Stephen King upgraded from MD to Senior Vice President

In charge of all UK and US branches, Stephen King’s new job title is Managing Director UK and US & Senior Vice President A&R.

  • Hannah Donovan is now the Zimbalam manager!

Interning with Believe since January 2011, Hannah, has become full time staff and taken on the role as Zimbalam UK Manager.

Hannah’s new role will see her (amongst other things) listening to Zimbalam artists, curating Zimbalam’s weekly industry advice blogs and newsletters and coordinating Zimbalam’s partnerships and affiliate deals. (more…)

Happy New Year from Believe – The Music of the Noughties: A Review

January, 10th 2011 16:39

We hope you had a pretty epic end of year celebration for 2010. After all it was more than an ordinary New Year’s Eve, it marked our official entry into the second decade of the 21st century.

Since most of us can remember the hype of the turn of the century, the paranoia that we’d all be wiped out by computer viruses and the like I’m sure you’ll join me in celebrating that we’ve survived 11 years of it. And in doing so we can celebrate the decade that brought us legal music and movie downloads, live streaming and the marvel that is social networking.

In order to celebrate the arrival of the new decade and of course 2011, we share our reminiscences of the music world in the past decade punctuated by a selection of songs to represent each year selected by the great DJ Shuffle.

Ok, there is no DJ Shuffle per say, but we’ve used random selection, with the hopes of creating a playlist that represents the past decade in music.


We reminisce: Celebrating the acute relief that the world had not, in fact crashed with the ‘Millenium Bug’, the year 2000 was full of ups and downs. We welcomed Eminem to the mainstream with open arms with ‘The Real Slim Shady’ and mourned the deaths of singer, Kristy MacColl and rapper Christopher ‘Big Pun’ Rios.

DJ Shuffle reminisces: Blink 182 – All the Small Things


We reminisce: The White Stripes joined the mainstream while the online scene was changing drastically; Apple launched iTunes while Napster was crashing and burning in a tide of fiery legal battles. 2001 was also the year in which the iPod debuted and The Wire identified the Microhouse genre. The world also said good-bye to ‘the quiet Beatle’, George Harrison and songstress Aaliyah, who died in a tragic plane crash.

DJ Shuffle reminisces: Outkast – Ms Jackson


We reminisce: With the mp3 already established, the ‘mash-up’ marched onto the scene and pleasantly surprised our ears while R Kelly was shocking our eyes with his sex tape scandal. Meanwhile Canada finally got noticed as the birthplace of Broken Social Scene and we said our goodbyes to Joe Strummer and Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes.

DJ Shuffle reminisces: Johnny Cash – Hurt


We reminisce: The deaths of Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash and Nina Simone were counter-balanced by the reunion of the Pixies and television shows like the OC being used as an excellent showcase for new bands like Modest Mouse and the Walkmen.

DJ Shuffle reminisces: Fountains of Wayne – Stacey’s Mom


We reminisce: Danger Mouse released The Grey Album while post-punk fever was gripping the US in a trend which spawned the likes of Franz Ferdinand and the Killers. We also met the self-proclaimed genius that is Kanye West and Janet Jackson’s pierced nipple while saying bidding farewell to Ol’ Dirty Bastard and DJ John Peel.

DJ Shuffle reminisces: Eminem- Just Lose It


We reminisce: In 2005 we learned two important things: when Kanye West told the world that George Bush did not care about black people, we learned that he would always say what he wanted. And we learned that Xbox was staffed with pure genius when they released Guitar Hero. Dubstep’s humble steps towards becoming a legitimate movement began and we mourned the deaths of Luther Vandross and Robert Moog.

DJ Shuffle reminisces: Good Charlotte – I Just Want To Live


We reminisce: And the Oscar goes to… the Three 6 Mafia! In the year that the Memphis rappers won the Oscar for best song, the world said good-bye to Tower Records and James Brown while welcoming the Arctic Monkeys and Lilly Allen to musical stardom via MySpace.

DJ Shuffle reminisces: D4L – Laffy Taffy


We reminisce: Britney Spears began her series of very public meltdowns, Nu Rave hit the big time and Radiohead set out to prove that people would still pay for music if given the choice by launching In Rainbows as a pay-what-you-want album. Luciano Pavarotti and Ike Turner also died.

DJ Shuffle reminisces: The Shins – Phantom Limb


We reminisce: A year of revolutions and scandals, 2008 was when Amy Winehouse took us by storm with her fresh talent and well-documented tabloid exploits and Scarlett Johansson released an album of Tom Waits covers. It was the year that Spotify was launched for public use and when American musicians also threw an extraordinary amount of star and musical power into the presidential race in support of President Barack Obama. We mourned the deaths of Odetta, Isaac Hayes and Dave Day.

DJ Shuffle reminisces: Santogold – Say Aha


We reminisce: Touch and Go shut down their distribution arm and Blender magazine released their last issue. Michael Jackson died in the midst of plans of a giant comeback and the Beatles’ legacy was further solidified in video game The Beatles: Rock Band. We also mourned the legendary guitarist Les Paul and singers Mary Travers and John Carroll.

DJ Shuffle reminisces: Boys Like Girls – Love Drunk

Although we mourn the losses and champion the innovations of the noughties we’ve moved ‘on to the next one’ to quote Jay-Z. We therefore end this blog with the beginning of decade number 2 of the 21st century, 2010.


We reminisce: Musicians banded together to raise money for Haiti after the earthquake while the Live Nation and Ticket Master merger brought fear of future ticket prices to our hearts. Lil Wayne began his jail sentence and we started to listen to Janelle Monae. The world also said goodbye to the iconic Alex Chilton and Malcolm McLaren and begun to wonder about the prospects of the next decade.

DJ Shuffle reminisces: Rihanna – Rude Boy

All the best for 2011 from everyone at Believe.

This post is by Believe Digital Social Media Manager Shanni Elcock @shandogspeaks


December, 20th 2010 15:36


London, December 20th 2010

Believe Digital, Europe’s leading digital music distributor, has appointed Victoria Hunt to the position of UK Label Manager.

Victoria, who joins the company from 7 Digital, will report directly to Lee Morrison, Head of Sales & New Business at Believe Digital UK, and formally takes up her new post on Monday 20th December 2010.

Victoria, who also has experience of working at several independent labels, will oversee the company’s continuing efforts to build strong relationships with labels and distributors and to extend the reach of Believe Digital in the UK.

Lee Morrison said, “As Believe Digital expands its operations in the UK we are keen to put together a high quality team to help us realize our ambitious plans moving forward. Victoria joins us having already established a great reputation and her insight and experience in this market will be a tremendous asset to the company.”


For further information:

About Believe Digital

In June 2009, Believe Digital, according to figures from the IFOP, ranked as the number one digital distributor in France with a 27.11% market share, ahead of Sony in second place with a 22.72% share. This also puts Believe Digital ahead of Universal, Warner, EMI and PIAS and during this time Believe held 10 albums in the top 50 including the No. 1 album.

Believe Digital is the premier Digital Label in Europe. Its philosophy and its technological innovations define the new trends in music, in line with the expectations of artists and new digital distribution networks.
Believe Digital is the most attractive alternative to a major label, offering high value-added services.

Believe digital has expert teams spread throughout Europe and North America and distributes to all major download services worldwide.

Meet Believe at Midem 2008

January, 25th 2008 10:04

Believe will be present at Midem 2008.

Booth SPPF : 08.02/10.01
Contact us to have a meet.

Denis Ladegaillerie : Believe’s CEO :

Arnaud Chiaramonti : Co-founder :

Nicolas Laclias : Head of the A&R

Laure Duhard : A&R :