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We Believe in Pop : The winner!

September, 28th 2016 17:58

Pop Montreal’s 15th edition is now (sadly) over and boy did we had a blast. Five days of music conferences, meeting great people and discovering great music – and we’re slowly recovering from it.

In case you’ve missed it, we announced last week that Believe partnered this year with the Montreal festival to reward an indie and emerging artist who blew our minds during the festival for both their music and performance with the “We Believe in Pop” award.

We’re happy to announce that the winner is… drumroll…


The Montreal trio impressed us with their onstage presence and professionalism, but let’s be honest, it’s really the music we fell in love with, somewhere between synth heavy dream pop and groovy beats which reminded us of Robyn. You may have already heard them on MTV’s “Awkward” and Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” and we’re pretty sure this is just the start.

Congratulations to the winner and hope to see you next year at the festival.

To hear more artists already working with Believe Digital, check out our playlist here:

We Believe in Pop!

September, 20th 2016 18:00


For the first time, Believe Digital Canada, leading music digital distribution company for independent labels and artists, partners with Pop Montreal, one of the coolest indie festival, to present the We Believe in Pop award. The award will highlight an indie and emerging artist who blew our minds during the festival for both their music and performance.

But what’s the prize? The winner will be awarded a digital distribution contract, which will allow them to distribute their music on music services, such as Spotify, iTunes and Youtube, all around the world. Through that contract, the winning artist or band will have their own dedicated label manager who will work with them to create a good commercial release strategy, locally and internationally, by providing them advice and expertise regarding all things digital.

The winning project will be announced September 26th, when we’ll somewhat recover from the festival, but until then, here are some of the bands that already caught our ears and who are supported by Believe.


You can find the whole schedule on Pop Montreal’s website at

And some bands who are on our radar:

Po Lazarus:


Colour Wheel:

Nancy Pants:


Men I Trust:

Radiant Baby:


Gabrielle Shonk: