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Believe Releases w/c 17/09/12

September, 17th 2012 17:11

Artist: Doleboy Millionaire ft Fem Fel & Shola Ama
Release: Good Life
Label: Believe Recordings
Genre: R&B – Hip Hop

Upon discovering that they’d both worked with the King of Pop Michael Jackson, production wizards Kay and Gee joined forces to become Doleboy Millionaire. Both have worked with some of the biggest entertainers in the world, including Jay Z, Santana, Diana Ross and Mick Jagger and their new single ‘Good Life’ features hip hop artist Fem Fel and beautiful 90s R&B singer Shola Ama.

Featuring multi million selling artist Shola Ama (and following her single with Toddla T) and Skepta and Wretch 32 collaborator Fem Fel, Doleboy Millionaire release their debut single with massive support from MTV Base, Flava (Playlist), Channel 4’s Freshly Squeezed, BBC 1Xtra, 1Take TV, Grime Daily, Channel AKA (playlist), Entertainment Focus, Mobo online, NME, SB.TV, Flow Nerds, 4 Music and many more.


Artist: Freeze The Atlantic
Release: Speakeasy
Label: Alcopop!
Genre: Indie Rock / Alternative Rock

Forming in late 2008, ‘Freeze The Atlantic’ have a solid ethos at their core – making rock music and enjoying rock music. Started initially by Andy Gilmour from ‘Hundred Reasons’ with Jon Pearce and Guy Davis, from the band ‘Reuben’, they quickly signed up second guitarist and long time friend Tom Stevens (Archie and the Instincts) and started writing brand new material. After a UK tour in 2010 with ‘Attack! Attack!’ featuring Liv Puente (Laruso) on guest vocals, the band recruited singer Chris J Knott (Twelve Titans). This year also saw original member Jon Pearce leaving for pastures new with the band drafting in bassist Sean Shreeve (Spectrum 7/Talking Endlessly), resulting in the current line-up.

Today marks the release of Freeze The Atlantic’s debut album ‘Speakeasy’. Displaying elements of both Rueben and Hundred Reason’s pop/rock stylistics, the album is as familiar as it is refreshing. Driving rhythms and melody is underpinned with a punk rock ethic that’s impossible to dislodge from your memory.


Emerging bass beats… drumming up the press

July, 28th 2011 17:28

Here at Believe, big stuff has been happening in the world of dance music, with new signings Plump DJ’s, Halo Nova and Lazersonic & Zak Frost generating complimentary and exciting reviews from the media and blogosphere…

Lazersonic (real name Irfan Nathoo) & Zak Frost have been creating waves in the press with their second album ‘Adventures in Stereo Vol 1’ recently, with DJ Magazine even going as far as to call the record ‘a cosmic threat of epic proportions.’



Critics get all weirdly romantic hearing their sound: the website, The Arts Desk, described part of the duo’s sound as a ‘throb of techno dipped into a hot chocolate of dub moods’, with iDJ Magazine saying that when listening to it ‘you can almost feel the first sunrays of the day gently warming your face.’ (more…)